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Spine Fellowship in Interpedicular Minimal Access Surgery

This fellowship will cover all of the below, in addition to advanced degenerative cervical spine surgery options including endoscopic, atraumatic anterior approaches, custom partial corpectomy’s and cervical arthroplasty.

Several landmark studies need to be performed and pertinent literature added for advanced minimally invasive spine surgery not only utilizing decompression strategies, but stabilization and fusion strategies as well. A CV from prospective applicants will be considered for appointment.

Considerations in Minimally invasive decompression and reconstruction- Thoracic and Lumbar

  1. Microsurgical anatomy of the interpedicular space
    • a. ...
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Message from Dr. Robert Masson

As founder of Masson Spine Institute, I firmly believe that having a spinal injury doesn’t have to change your life, and it doesn’t have to mean you’re ‘disabled.’ At MSI, we believe every patient should be given the best chance to make a full, healthy recovery and get back to living their life.

Masson Spine Institute specializes in minimally invasive spinal procedures directed toward giving each and every patient the best possible outcome, regardless of past results. Schedule an appointment to ...

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Flyin' High

A self-described “busy bee,” Robert Masson, M.D., fully lives to the “work hard, play hard” motto. One of the nation’s leading spine surgeons, an international lecturer and teacher, product developer and president of Masson Spine Institute, Dr. Masson is also an avid scuba diver, pilot, and coach of a top-ranked traveling baseball team.

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Carl Paulson: The Road Back to the Tour (Part II)


There is not one lead-in, in which can give one the true sense of the amount of work and determination Carl Paulson, PGA Tour professional, has been doing since we first introduced you to his situation in our Spring 2007 issue. Carl, for the most part has not only continued to work daily on recovering from his back injury suffered in a 2006 tournament, he is more determined than ever to return to the ...

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Neck Pain: Is It Something You Should Worry About


A beautiful day at your favorite course, ball lying deep, a hard swing that doesn’t quite float through and bam, you feel a twinge in your neck. The next morning your neck is stiff, aching and you can’t turn your head. Now what?

For most of us, this concerning event will get better with the best medicine of all, time. Throw in some anti-inflammatories, rest, passive range of motion, perhaps massage and if slow to ...

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