The Masson Spine Institute is committed to serving our patients, through their corporate employers. Many spine injuries occur because of a persons occupation, or while working, and as such we are committed to not only providing the best spine treatment possible, but also to helping each patient, and their case managers, in traversing the complex path towards not only maximum medical improvement, but also to giving each person the greatest improvement possible.

The Masson Spine Institute has a representative whose job it is to organize the documents and paperwork so often burdensome to our patients while they navigate their disability period, and while they aim towards vocational rehabilitation and/or training.

We are available for employment and executive spine screening and recommend that a person be proactive in their employment choices.

Should a person work in a high risk job, little changes in lifestyle, nutrition and conditioning as well as judgment can often minimize the risk of the work place.

When choosing a rehabilitation center post spinal surgery, it’s important to look for one that specializes in spinal cord injuries. Spinal rehabilitation facilities, like MSI’s rehab center employ a highly trained, multidiscipline staff to get you back on the path to living a normal life as soon as possible. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why our rehab team takes the time to develop a customized care plan using the latest technology and equipment to aid in your recovery.

Back to work. Back to sport. Back to life.

The Masson Spine Institute encourages ergonomic assessments, education on proper posture, conditioning, and better workplace focus, to minimize the likelihood of a workplace injury:

  • Work Place Focus
  • What improves work place focus
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer nonessential medications
  • Diligent lifestyle choices
  • Proactive home and family environment
  • Continuing education and hobbies
  • Conditioning and stamina building

For more information on Corporate Health, please contact us.