Life Planning

Know Your Spine  TreatmentAt the Masson Spine Institute we believe that we play a strong role in providing a ‘HEALTH PLAN”, not dissimilar to a financial plan for our patients.
Each injured patient should have an opportunity to think about what strategies they need to consider to regain control of the life that they lose after they are injured.
The Masson Spine Institute strongly encourages that all of our patients seek to become active participants in their LIFE PLANNING.

Spine Treatment

corporate health spinal surgeryThe Masson Spine Institute also encourages our patients to become experts in their injury and to continue to ask questions about their injury and their treatment until the strategy makes sense to them. The people who are most emotionally capable of an excellent outcome embrace their well chosen treatment without regret, because they are knowledgeable, and have been an active participant in designing their health treatment plan.

Our patients are the most prepared for the pathway of recovery because they understand the sacrifices and commitment that they need to make in order to succeed and to become healthy and functionally active.