Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

Masson Spine Institute is a pioneer in artificial cervical disc replacement surgery. To schedule an appointment with one of our leading surgeons and see if disc replacement surgery is right for you, contact us now.

Until recently, the only option for repairing a failed spinal disc was to fuse the area. This procedure helped patients, but it placed more stress on the surrounding discs, and it also reduced patient range of motion. Doctors believed that there was a better solution: rather than fusing the area around the disc, they developed disc replacement surgery. The Masson Spine Institute was among the earliest spinal surgery facilities to begin performing artificial cervical disc replacement surgery, and we’re still among the nation’s most experienced practitioners of this technique.

Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery Vs. Spinal Fusion

Before disc replacement surgery, patients had very limited options for dealing with a failed disc in their back. Fusion was the leading treatment, but fusion had numerous disadvantages. First, it significantly reduced range of motion in the short term and long term. An entire area of the spine that used to bend and move freely is now fused into a single straight portion, which cannot bend at all. This fusion reduces range of motion, increases recovery time, and leads to an additional disadvantage: increased stress on surrounding vertebrae. The old fusion technique forced them to move more than usual to compensate, and could lead to a second failure and more surgery down the road.

Better Mobility And Faster Recovery With Disc Replacement Surgery

Artificial cervical disc replacement surgery offers patients an alternative to the problems of old fusion surgery. Artificial cervical disc replacement surgery replaces the failed disc with a new one made of artificial materials engineered to duplicate the functioning of a natural disc as completely as possible. Disc replacement surgery allows patients to enjoy the normal functioning of their back without the pain caused by disc failure.

Disc Replacement Surgery Is Safe And Effective

Although disc replacement surgery is a newer procedure than spinal fusion, it has proven to be just as safe and just as effective. It has already been performed thousands of times nationwide, and the results are documented and excellent. Patients experience greater range of motion, reduced requirement for a second follow up surgery, and faster recovery times. Our artificial cervical disc replacement surgery patients typically begin early physical therapy the day after the surgery is performed, and most are able to return to their full activity six to eight weeks after surgery. In comparison, most spinal fusion patients are not completely recovered until 6 or 9 months later.
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