MSI Orlando Starting Regeneration Disc Treatment

msi orlando starting regeneration disc treatment
August 5, 2013

Masson Spine Institute of Orlando has been a pioneer in stem cell advocacy over the last decade.  We have used placental mesenchymal stem cells as wound healing adjuvants, supporting our fusions, reconstructions and stabilizations, increasing rate of return, healing rates, and recovery.  The regenerative technology has been shown to improve physical performance postoperatively, in conjunction with our minimally invasive procedures.

 We are pleased to announce our outpatient stem cell disc regeneration treatment.  Our delivery mechanism is proprietary, with a patent-pending method and provides the only stem cell regenerative treatment in the world which is nondestructive to the disc capsule and wall.  Our navigation directed central disc treatment achieves internal disc manipulation and treatment without any external annulus or capsule injury caused by traditional percutaneous needle approaches.

Please call to schedule an appointment at our Orlando location to discuss options for stem cell disc regeneration treatment at our outpatient surgical facility.

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