New at MSI Digital Motion X-Ray

New at MSI Digital Motion X-Ray
November 4, 2013


Orlando, FL, October 31, 2013 – The Masson Spine Institute of Orlando (MSI) recently added the Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) as an integral diagnostic instrument in our Orlando office.
 The DMX is the latest in cutting edge technology using diagnostic imaging that allows our Surgeons to view the spine in real-time motion. Fundamentally, it is a fluoroscopy-based x-ray system combined with digital and optic technology.  The DMX is able to detect spinal and joint injuries more accurately by digitizing the patient in motion. The DMX tests in motion because the injury itself occurs in motion and can be felt in motion, giving the clinicians a diagnostic edge over a static x-ray.

“DMX imaging gives us dynamic motion analysis capable of diagnosing the most complicated and difficult to find spinal injuries,” said Robert Masson, M.D.  “Our ability to find solutions for chronic mechanical spine pain continues to expand thanks to the best diagnostic technology coupled with advanced surgical solutions.”


The procedure is simply implemented with the patient standing and actively moving in a weight-bearing position within the DMX. Because of the advancements in digital technology, the levels of radiation are greatly reduced. This technology provides a clear, accurate image that allows the surgeon to detect abnormalities easily, documenting, and proving them.
The DMX is also able to recognize injuries to the ligaments which are often hard to detect; they are painful, progressive, and permanent. Ligamentous injuries are often caused by deceleration injuries for example, and sometimes may be overlooked.

The use of the DMX will help the clinicians with a more reliable diagnosis.

To find out more about the Digital Motion X-Ray, visit us online at; www. or call 407-649-8585.

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